Configuring Backstage


Setting up authentication

There are multiple authentication providers available for you to use with Backstage. For this tutorial we choose to use GitHub, a free service most of you might be familiar with, and even have an account on.

Add a new app to GitHub

Go to to create your OAuth App.

  • Homepage URL should point to Backstage's frontend, in our tutorial it would be http://localhost:3000
  • Authorization callback URL should point to the auth backend, http://localhost:7007/api/auth/github/handler/frame
Creating OAuth App on GitHub

Generate a new Client Secret and take a note of the Client ID and the Client Secret.

Add the credentials to the configuration

Open app-config.local.yaml we've created earlier. Below the PostgreSQL configuration, add the below configuration and replace the values with the Client ID and the Client Secret from GitHub.

  # see to learn about auth providers
  environment: development
        clientId: YOUR CLIENT ID
        clientSecret: YOUR CLIENT SECRET

Backstage will re-read the configuration. If there's no errors, that's great! We can continue with the last part of the configuration.

Add sign-in option to the frontend

This step is needed to change the sign-in page. Get ready to dive into the code.

  1. Open packages/app/src/App.tsx in your favorite code editor. Below the last import line, add:
import { githubAuthApiRef } from '@backstage/core-plugin-api';
import { SignInProviderConfig, SignInPage } from '@backstage/core-components';

const githubProvider: SignInProviderConfig = {
  id: 'github-auth-provider',
  title: 'GitHub',
  message: 'Sign in using GitHub',
  apiRef: githubAuthApiRef,
  1. Search for const app = createApp({ in this file, and below apis, add:
components: {
   SignInPage: props => (

Note: The default Backstage app comes with a guest Sign In Resolver. This resolver makes all users share a single "guest" identity and is only intended as a minimum requirement to quickly get up and running. You can read more about how Sign In Resolvers play a role in creating a Backstage User Identity for logged in users.

Restart Backstage from the terminal, by stopping it with Control-C, and starting it with yarn dev . You should be welcomed by a login prompt.

Note: Sometimes the frontend starts before the backend resulting in errors on the sign in page. Wait for the backend to start and then reload Backstage to proceed.