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Backstage is an open platform for building developer portals, created at Spotify, donated to the CNCF, and maintained by a worldwide community of contributors.

One place for everything

With Backstage, you can build one central place for your engineering organization’s tools, resources, and documentation — from CI/CD status to Kubernetes monitoring, to API and library docs, to deciphering your monorepos, and everything in-between. Basically, whatever your developers need outside their repo and IDE.

From chaos to rocket fuel

When a developer can’t find the API or SDK they need, it doesn’t just make them cranky, it brings productivity to a halt. Backstage reduces that everyday friction, cognitive overhead, and operational toil, so your developers can focus on what they want most: building and shipping great code. It’s a simple idea, but the effect on productivity is transformational.

For orgs of all shapes and sizes

Backstage is what our 1600+ engineers use to manage the 14,000+ software components at Spotify. Despite our engineers’ love for our autonomous culture, they embraced Backstage for its ability to create order and facilitate collaboration. We like to say that if Backstage can work here, then it can work anywhere — and we’re happy to help show you how.

Fits your tech and your culture

Backstage has a flexible, plugin-based architecture that allows you to customize it to fit the needs of your organization — whether it’s a large, cloud native org like ours, a Fortune 50 undergoing digital transformation, or a fast-growing startup.

The 200 tipping point

Our rule of thumb: if your organization has over 200 engineers (or over 200 microservices), then Backstage can help. And if your organization is much larger — 1,000 engineers or more — Backstage can restore order to your growing chaos.

Three ways Backstage makes an engineer’s life easier


Backstage Software Templates make it easy for your developers to build a new microservice, mobile feature, data pipeline, or any other software component — with your best practices baked in. Time-to-Hello World is reduced to just a few clicks, so engineers are free to focus on developing features. It’s the simplest way for large orgs to get started with Backstage.

Create screen in Backstage


The Backstage Service Catalog makes it possible for a single team to manage tens of software components — and your org to manage thousands of them. Instead of switching from your cloud provider’s console to your security tool to your CI/CD, everything you need to manage the lifecycle of your component is just a tab away inside Backstage.

Manage screen in Backstage


When you have thousands of engineers building thousands of components, how can anyone find anything? With Backstage, troubleshooters can find service owners, new hires can find documentation, everyone can share, build, and collaborate together — avoiding duplicating efforts — because everything is discoverable inside Backstage.

Explore screen in Backstage

How do I get started?

To learn more, watch the webinar video — or book a one-on-one session with the Backstage team at Spotify. We can tell you the best way for your particular organization to get started. Or we can connect you with one of our preferred partners, who can help you get up and running even faster.

Who else is using Backstage?

Along with the official list of adopters, we’ve talked with well over a hundred tech organizations about adopting Backstage. Here are a few of their stories.

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