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Spotify Portal
for Backstage

The best way to get started with Backstage. You'll have a new developer portal up and running in no time.

A ready-to-go portal
New to Backstage?
Get a full-featured developer portal today. No coding required.
Software CatalogAll your services, websites, libraries, and data in one place.
Software TemplatesMake sure the right way to build is also the easiest way.
Powerful pluginsOur Soundcheck plugin comes preinstalled. Plus, TechDocs and more.
No-code setupJust step through the onboarding wizards to set up Portal.
It's Backstage in a boxEverything you need is built in, so you're improving developer experience on day one.
Spotify Plugins
for Backstage

Level up your Backstage. Add our plugins to your existing Backstage instance to drive best practices and collaboration across your org.

Customize your instance
Already running Backstage?
Add our bundle of productivity-boosting plugins.
SoundcheckEnsure quality, reliability, and alignment of software development.
Role-Based Access ControlControl access to actions and data in your Backstage with ease.
Skill ExchangeBuild an internal marketplace for learning and growth opportunities.
InsightsAnalyze Backstage usage and sentiment data from your developers to drive Backstage adoption.
What is BackstageBackstage is an open source framework for building internal developer portals (IDPs), created by Spotify, donated to the CNCF, and adopted by thousands of companies. Learn how Backstage transforms developer experience.
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