Setting up Software Templates


Software Templates at Spotify

At Spotify, we have dozens of Software Templates. We divide them into several disciples like Backend, Frontend, Data pipelines, etc. Inside Spotify, we also have stakeholder groups for Web, Backend, Data, etc. separately. These Software Templates are hosted on our internal GitHub enterprise, maintained and reviewed by the concerned experts in the discipline.

The Technical Architecture Group (TAG) at Spotify is the body responsible for reducing fragmentation by deciding on the various Backend, Frontend, Data frameworks to be used inside Spotify. Hence, new Software Templates with completely new frameworks are carefully discussed and reviewed.

Our Software Templates are fundamental to the concept of Golden Paths at Spotify. The Golden Path is the opinionated and supported way to build something (for example, build a backend service, put up a website, create a data pipeline). The Golden Path Tutorial is a step-by-step instructions that walks you through this opinionated and supported path.

The blessed tools — those on the Golden Path — are visualized in the Explore section of Backstage. Read more How we use Golden Paths to solve fragmentation in our software ecosystem.