Spotify Plugins for Backstage

Spotify Plugins for Backstage is a bundle of premium plugins designed to bring even more of Spotify’s maturity with Backstage to our adopters.

Built by our developers — for your developers — this bundle of plugins puts humans at the center of developer experience and accelerates your Backstage goals.

Meet the plugins

  • soundcheck icon

    Ensure quality, reliability, and alignment of software development with codified checks and guidance

    • Quality
  • rbac icon

    Control access to actions and data in Backstage with ease

    • Security
  • skill exchange icon

    Build an internal marketplace for learning and growth opportunities within R&D

    • Productivity
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    Analyze Backstage usage and sentiment data from your developers to drive Backstage adoption

    • Monitoring

What do the plugins do?

The bundle subscription includes two kinds of plugins: new external versions of some of the most popular plugins we’ve been using inside Spotify for years, and plugins specifically created to unlock more value for companies using Backstage. Spotify Plugins for Backstage help companies and teams:

  • Solve ownershipTake the guesswork out of ownership by clearly and easily tying owners to associated permissions and roles.
  • Improve visibility and decision-makingUnderstand what’s really going on in your tech ecosystem with intuitive reporting, so that you can help your engineers move faster.
  • Drive best practicesHelp your developers deliver code they are proud of by baking in standards and best practices.
  • Facilitate collaboration and learningKnock down knowledge silos and learn from anyone in or outside your organization. Our plugins help make learning more accessible and mainstream.

Want to learn more? Book a demo

Join one of our weekly demos hosted by a Spotify expert to learn more about the plugins and how you can leverage them within your organization.