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Spotify Plugins for Backstage

Spotify Plugins for Backstage is a bundle of premium plugins made with love at Spotify. The bundle offers a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to accelerate their developer experience goals.

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All Backstage Products

  • soundcheck icon


    By: Spotify

    Ensure quality, reliability, and alignment of software development with codified checks and guidance

    • Spotify Plugin for Backstage
    • Quality
  • rbac icon

    Control access to actions and data in Backstage with ease

    • Spotify Plugin for Backstage
    • Security
  • skill exchange icon

    Skill Exchange

    By: Spotify

    Build an internal marketplace for learning and growth opportunities within R&D

    • Spotify Plugin for Backstage
    • Productivity
  • insights icon


    By: Spotify

    Analyze Backstage usage and sentiment data from your developers to drive Backstage adoption

    • Spotify Plugin for Backstage
    • Monitoring
  • 3Scale icon


    By: Red Hat

    Synchronize 3scale content into the Backstage Software Catalog

    • Security
  • topology icon

    Visualize real-time status and relationships of application and infrastructure workloads deployed to Kubernetes

    • Infrastructure
  • CI/CD Statistics icon

    CI/CD Statistics

    By: Spotify

    Effortlessly track and visualize CI/CD pipeline statistics such as build time or success and error rates

    • CI/CD
  • CircleCI icon


    By: CircleCI

    Seamlessly integrate CircleCI into Backstage for real-time build monitoring and insights

    • CI/CD
  • Red Hat's ACR icon.

    Display information about your container images that are available within the Azure container registry

    • CI/CD
  • jfrog icon

    View container image details from JFrog in Backstage

    • CI/CD
  • Red Hat's Quay icon.

    Improve the integration and speed of interactions with Quay registries with a view into container image details

    • CI/CD
  • DX icon.


    By: DX

    Enhance your Backstage instance with DORA metrics, developer experience scores, service insights, and more

    • Monitoring
    • Productivity

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