1. Introduction to Backstage
    2. Concepts and philosophy
    1. Introduction to the Software Catalog
    2. Ecosystem modeling using the Software Catalog
    1. Overview
    2. Context
    3. Container
    4. Component
    1. Knowledge check

Architecture and technology



If we then look into the system of Backstage a bit more in detail, we can see that what builds up Backstage as a system is really three things:

  • A Backstage Web Application responsible for exposing the most important information to the user
  • A Backstage Backend Service responsible for powering other Backstage plugins such as the Software Catalog
  • A database responsible for storing any data that needs to be served to the user. The database typically stores plugin-specific data which means that you can end up with many database instances depending on how you decide to compose your Backstage app.
container diagram