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Get help from the people who built it

As creators, maintainers, and contributors of the Backstage open source framework (not to mention everyday users), we know the technical side of Backstage inside and out.

More importantly, we understand the needs of developers - and how to help them get the most out of your IDP.

Enterprise expertise on-call

Our support and consulting teams have helped companies of all shapes and sizes with every aspect of Backstage, from kickstarting internal adoption and providing ongoing maintenance to architecture reviews and writing custom integrations

Support Services

Sign up for our expert tech support with clear response SLAs to keep your productivity humming. We’ll also provide comprehensive security reviews and proactive incident notifications, so your time and data are both well-protected.

  • Fast-tracking your implementation using proven best practices
  • Customized roadmap for integrating with your engineering org and tech stack
  • Ongoing tech support with clear response SLAs
  • Comprehensive security reviews
  • Proactive incident notifications

Consulting Services

Get highly personalized guidance on driving adoption and scaling your implementation - all based on proven strategies from organizations using Backstage today, including our own R&D community here at Spotify.

  • Hands-on support implementing Backstage
  • Creating custom Backstage integrations
  • Optimizing and scaling your Backstage implementation
  • Pair programming and architecture reviews
Tell us what you need

Book time with Spotify's Backstage team and tell us about your specific support needs.