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Build an insightful home page to level up your Backstage experience





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About the plugin

The Home plugin introduces a system for composing a homepage for Backstage, a place to surface relevant information and provide convenient shortcuts for common tasks. It's designed with customization in mind, allowing contributors to add helpful components to the home page.

  • Enhance discoverability

    Make resources easier to find and reduce time wasted looking for commonly searched items with user shortcuts, quick links, and a most visited pages directory.

  • Customize your experience

    The homepage plugin comes with several built-in components. You can choose to utilize the default template, customize it with components that are already available, or add entirely net-new components to build out a custom homepage for your teams.

Home features

Recently and frequently visited pages

Surface relevant and helpful links to your Backstage users, allowing them to navigate through frequent tasks quickly.

Component that shows user’s top visited pages in Backstage

Built-in widgets

Add various existing components, like an integrated world clock, a random joke, or starred entities, to construct a homepage that’s both useful and delightful for your team.

Example of a built in home widget

Customizable interface

For component developers who want to customize building blocks for the homepage, there’s a convenient interface for bundling different pieces and exporting them with both error boundary and lazy loading handled under the surface.

View of the home page in edit mode where widgets can be deleted or settings changed


Build an insightful home page to level up your Backstage experience

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