Community Session: Splunk shares their Backstage developer portal

Himanshu Mishra, Spotify
Splunk demos their Backstage developer portal

At last week’s Community Session, the engineering productivity team at Splunk gave us a peek into their Backstage portal.

Meet Pink Phonebook

Internally known as “Pink Phonebook” — a uniquely branded name isn’t the only way the team customized Backstage to fit their engineering and tech culture.

User profiles view of Pink Phonebook

Splunk also added UI changes to the software catalog (so that it surfaces more data about components), added support for linking to external documentation (via annotations to YAML files), and made it easier to create LDAP groups.

Plus, their devs can share kudos right inside Backstage with “Bravo” badges!

Bravo sharing view of Pink Phonebook

Watch the Splunk demo

Watch the community session video above to learn more about Splunk’s custom Backstage portal, how they plan to contribute back to the open source project, and where they’re headed next (feedback welcome!).

You’ll also hear from Spotify’s Backstage team about upcoming changes to Software Templates, composable homepages, Q&A with the community, and more.

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