Adopter Spotlight: American Airlines demos Runway

Helen Greul, Spotify
American Airlines and Backstage

American Airlines was one of our earliest adopters, kicking the tires soon after Backstage was open sourced. Now, in a session hosted by Canton Coders, the airline’s developer experience team shows off Runway, their full-featured, Backstage-based dev portal.

Giving developers wings

A “one-stop shop” for American’s developers, Runway breaks down silos between teams, tames infrastructure complexity, and speeds up how long it takes for their devs to go from initial idea to MVP.

American Airlines' developer portal

In addition to supporting their multi-cloud infrastructure (Azure and IBM Cloud Foundry) and two CI pipelines (Jenkins and GitHub Actions), Runway features other custom integrations, including:

  • 🛠 Inner Source plugin: A marketplace for teams to discover what internal components are available to reuse (instead of every team coming up with yet another bespoke OAuth solution for their service 😩)
  • 🔒 Access Control plugin: A centralized place for teams to request or grant access to groups, data, tools, and services
  • ↔️ Apigee plugin: A streamlined API portal that make it easy for developers to create, manage, and explore API definitions and policies for any service
  • 🚀 Blueprints (aka Backstage Software Templates): The quick and easy way to create applications with AA’s organizational best practices baked in — reducing long, manual processes to just a few clicks

Watch the demo

Watch the whole demo from the American Airlines team — and witness the power of a fully armed and operational Backstage developer portal in action.💪